• Peruvian Alpacas

  • San Pedro de Cajas

    The name San Pedro de Cajas derived from the name of the ancient village of 'GAGASH' actual 'Patamarca' (which means rock or among rocks)
  • MOAB

    Delicate Arch is one of Utah's most famous icons. Delicate Arch is located in Arches National Park, near Moab in SE Utah. Spring and fall are the best time to hike in this area. Summer afternoons can be very hot, but hiking can be pleasant mornings and evenings during summer. Hiking is also enjoyable on mild winter days.

  • Peruvian souvenirs

  • World Heritage Site

    Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru
  • Sweaters, Tees & tops, Women's Sweaters, Men's and kid's Ponchos ........and more Alpaca Clothing


Alpaca sweaters for men's and alpaca sweaters for women's. The best quality baby alpaca sweaters. Find your alpaca sweater in our selection. ...

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Alpaca jackets

Alpaca jackets lovely alpaca jackets cozy and comfortable quality peru jacket. Buy fascinating designs alpaca jacket from the andes Peru....


Peruvian handbags

Peruvian handbags in different ethnic designs. Handmade peru handbags. Buy fashion peru handbag....

Alpaca Clothes & Baby Alpaca Wool Apparel

Alpaca Collections offers high-quality, comfortable alpaca clothing and accessories in the latest styles and designs. We supply the highest quality Peruvian alpaca clothing from the most experienced alpaca apparel manufacturer in the world. Alpaca clothes are known for being extremely warm, lightweight and soft; what is often forgotten is that alpaca clothing is durable, comfortable, and adaptable to every season.


We all know that Peruvian jewelry has a great tradition from the Inca Empire

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Alpaca clothing!

Baby Alpaca clothing knitted with extreme care by our talented artisans in pure alpaca.

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Art & Handicraft

Peruvian handicraft is a millennial work with magical connotations.

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